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      If you know us you know we LOVE our music so here's a one-stop-shop of what we're listening to right now...


      This playlist follows what has really been going on this month...

      “No Justice, No Peace”

      The BLM movement has been pushed into the spotlight following more disturbing events. How this can STILL be happening is absolutely heartbreaking.

      So, to everyone out there fighting the good fight, keep strong, keep going, keep educating, keep learning & be better.

      Change is happening and we mustn’t let it stop.

      Click here for ways you can support BlackLivesMatter

      Click to hear June Songs for Change

      Protest songs



      It’s another ‘should have been’ playlist this month sorry! Although we’re no sorry about the content!!!

      So we should have been spending early May at our favourite INTERNATIONAL NEW MUSIC festival Focus WALES.

      It’s been re-scheduled for October so until then we’ll just have to enjoy this playlist!

      Click to hear May (aswell stay at home)


      If you follow us on Instagram then you may have seen our stories asking you guys to create your very own playlist!

      This month we should’ve been sharing our ‘Road Trip’ playlist with you however we unfortunately won’t be taking any in the near future.

      So we asked YOU for your favourite Road Trip tracks and we’ve popped them all into a sweet playlist to listen to in your garden 🙈

      Click to hear April Road Trip (Lockdown Edition)



      Well, what can we say???...

      Shits just got REAL!

      Jokes aside we hope you are all staying safe, looking out for one another & NOT hoarding loo roll!!!

      Here’s a playlist we made together with Campfire Social to see you guys through the grimmest of times.

      Click to hear Isolation Station


      So, we're heading out to Austin Texas this month for SXSW the biggest international film & music industry festival!

      Given that we're going with Campfire Social representing FOCUS Wales along with some other amazing artists we though we'd base our playlist around some of the bands we're heading out with and some we're really excited to see!

      Click to hear March into Spring & SXSW


      This month we've teamed up with our favourite music venue Telfords Warehouse to create a playlist packed with musical gems from the artists they have appearing over the next couple of months

      Click here to check it out...

      February - April at Telfords Warehouse


      Here's what we're listening to this dark & dreary January...

      January Blues but not Blues Playlist