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      Junkbox Jukebox

      If you know us you know we LOVE our music so here's a one-stop-shop of what we're listening to right now...


      So, van trip playlists are pretty important!

      It's going to be a long journey, you might have a collection of friends with dramatically different musical taste, who knows what the weather will be doing right?
      We've curated the perfect playlist for all of the above; loads of different genres, old classics, new tunes & some comedy to keep your trip fun!
      (Our original That's Vantertainment playlist has over 90 hours and alot of very sweary comedy so we thought we'd create a more compact friendly version to share with you guys)
      4 hours 20 minutes of soundtrack for your listening pleasure...

      Think of it as a kind of road trip radio station.

      Click to hear our That’s Vantertainment playlist

      This playlist is a real fun one!
      Here you'll find a who bunch of incredible covers; some of our favourite artists, some beautifully obscure, some better than the originals (sorry but it's true) and maybe some you didn't even know were covers to begin with!
      And if you want to know a little more about the tracks or the original artists read up on our blog post for more info Junkbox Blog

      What's Hot

      Our regularly updated playlist of what's hot at Junkbox!

      Mostly new music but sprinkled with some of our go-to favourites or tunes we're really feeling right now. Basically it's our 'Workshop Playlist'

      Click to hear our What's Hot playlist

      Welsh Music

      Celebrating our hometown heroes!
      Some of the very best music from Welsh artists we love + a few classics for good measure!

      Click to hear our Welsh Music playlist

      Best of 2023

      2023 was a great year for music right!

      We thoroughly enjoyed putting together this playlist & feel truly honoured to include new music from so many of our incredibly talented friends along with some all-time heroes.

      Click to hear our Best of 2023 playlist

      Alternative Christmas

      Not your average Christmas playlist! Think a little more indie with some covers from our favourite artists & new classics.
      We're saving the cheese for Boxing day! 

      Click to hear our Alternative Christmas playlist

      Junkbox Alternative Christmas Playlist


      If you wanna do some swatting up on the awesome bands we have playing JunkFest 23 then here you go...
      A nice compact playlist with a beautiful blend of what y'all can expect from the evening. Think of it as a 'warm up' for your ears.

      Click to hear our JunkFest playlist

      JunkFest playlist


      Seasons change, we’re feeling the fall vibes.
      There’s a hint of sentimental melancholy in the air for the heady days of Summer, Fall is here 🍁

      Click to hear our Fall playlist

      Junkbox Fall playlist


      To celebrate 10 years of our brand we've curated a hotchpotch playlist of our all time favourite tracks. A whole bunch of genres & decades spanned across our biggest playlist yet! Click shuffle & enjoy.

      Click to hear our 10 years playlist

      10 years of junkbox playlist


      Spring is in the air!
      As the days draw longer our bright & breezy playlist is the perfect accompaniment to a hazy Spring afternoon.

      Click to hear our Spring playlist

      junkbox spring playlist

      Tiny Changes

      March 2023 marks the very first Make Tiny Changes Month...
      “And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth “ a playlist of songs that really matter, songs that make a difference, songs that mean something.

      Click to hear our Tiny Changes playlist

      junkbox X tiny changes playlist 

      Best of 2022

      We think it's safe to say that 2022 was an INCREDIBLE year for music! Exciting releases from some of our favourite artists & a whole bunch of new music we've discovered.

      Click to hear our Best of 2022 playlist

      Junkbox best of 2022 playlist

      New Years Eve Party

      Welcome to the Jungle! A carefully curated NYE playlist for Telford’s Warehouse Jungle themed costume caper. Animal madness + classic party tunes etc. etc. You know the score.

      Click to hear our NYE Party playlist

      Junkbox New Year Eveplaylist



      This is how we chill at Junkbox HQ.
      If you're needing some down-time or a little 'time out' then drop your shoulders, lean back, relax your jaw, press play, close your eyes, & enjoy!

      Click to hear our Chill playlist

      Junkbox Chill playlist

      Autumn Commute

      As the days get cooler & the nights get longer you'll need something to soundtrack you commute through the crisp autumn leaves.
      Embrace the season of cosiness with our Autumn Commute playlist.

      Click to hear Autumn Commute

      Junkbox Autumn Playlist 


      It’s the height of summer & all we want right now is good vibes, sunshine & a cocktail or two!

      This playlist is a perfect mix of classic summer tracks from your childhood plus a few newbies for good measure!

      So, pull up your deckchair, grab a mojito, pop your sunnies on & ENJOY!

      Click to hear Summer Bangers



      Helloooooooo nostalgia!
      Inspired by our band road trips, on the way back from gig's & tours feeling that pure nostalgia sing-a-long vibe!

      Click to hear our 90's playlist

      Junkbox 90's playlist


      A blissfully easy going playlist with some of the very best classic indie tunes & new releases. It's the love of our life...
      Indie Music forever 💘

      Click to hear our Indie playlist

      junkbox indie playlist 

      Emo Forever

      We're embracing our teenage angst with a classic Emo playlist. Think 2000's Emo bangers with a sprinkling of Midwest favourites!

      Click to hear our Emo Forever playlist

      Junkbox Emo playlist


      BEST OF 2021

      2021 was another wild year wasn’t it 😶
      Starting the year in a 3 month lockdown wasn’t the most amazing beginning HOWEVER there were definitely some high points!
      One of those high points being the incredible music that got us through another tumultuous year.
      Sit back & enjoy our favourite releases of 2021.

      Click to hear our Best of 2021