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      Junkbox Jukebox
      If you know us you know we LOVE our music so here's a one-stop-shop of what we're listening to right now...
      A blissfully easy going playlist with some of the very best classic indie tunes & new releases. It's the love of our life...
      Indie Music forever 💘
      junkbox indie playlist
      Spring is in the air!
      As the days draw longer our bright & breezy playlist is the perfect accompaniment to a hazy Spring afternoon.
      spring playlist
      Emo Forever
      We're embracing our teenage angst with a classic Emo playlist. Think 2000's Emo bangers with a sprinkling of Midwest favourites!
      Junkbox Emo Forever
      Welsh Music
      Celebrating our hometown heroes!
      Some of the very best music from Welsh artists we love.
      welsh music playlist
      BEST OF 2021
      2021 was another wild year wasn’t it 😶
      Starting the year in a 3 month lockdown wasn’t the most amazing beginning HOWEVER there were definitely some high points!
      One of those high points being the incredible music that got us through another tumultuous year.
      Sit back & enjoy our favourite releases of 2021.
      Click to hear our Best of 2021
      Junkbox Best of 2021
      Not your average Christmas playlist! Think a little more indie with some covers from our favourite artists & new classics. We're saving the cheese for Boxing day!
      Click to hear Alternative Christmas
      junkbox alternative christmas
      As the days get cooler & the nights get longer you'll need something to soundtrack you commute through the crisp autumn leaves.
      Embrace the season of cosiness with our Autumn Commute playlist.
      Click to hear Autumn Commute
      Junkbox Autumn Commute playlist
      This playlist is basically a 00's party throwback extravaganza!
      If you're anything like us you've been exploring your past music loves to escape the present and who doesn't love a healthy dose of 00's indie party tracks?
      Invite your mates round, get some Hooch and hit PLAY. You'll definitely think it's the naughties again!
      junkbox naughties playlist
      It's the height of summer & all we want right now is good vibes, sunshine & a cocktail or two!
      This playlist is a perfect mix of classic summer tracks from your childhood plus a few newbies for good measure!
      So, pull up your deckchair, grab a mojito, pop your sunnies on & ENJOY!
      Click to hear Summer Bangers
      Junkbox Summer Bangers
      So, van trip playlists are pretty important!
      It's going to be a long journey, you might have a collection of friends with dramatically different musical taste, who knows what the weather will be doing right?
      We've curated the perfect playlist for all of the above; loads of different genres, old classics, new tunes & some comedy to keep your trip fun!
      (Our original That's Vantertainment playlist has over 90 hours and alot of very sweary comedy so we thought we'd create a more compact friendly version to share with you guys)
      4 hours 20 minutes of soundtrack for your listening pleasure...
      Think of it as a kind of road trip radio station.
      Junkbox Jukebox That's Vantertainment
      Our January playlist is HERE!!!!
      Celebrating the year that took away so much yet still gave us some truly amazing music!

      The biggest THANK YOU to the artists that kept us going through the toughest times.

      All we can say is give us a FOLLOW hit SHUFFLE and ENJOY 🙌🏻
      Yep! We’ve done it. We’ve gone & made you guys a Christmas playlist like no other!
      Not your classic Christmas playlist this is a more alternative version for something a little different but still super festive 🎅🏻
      Things are crazy, things are manic; come chill with us 🧡
      Our November playlist takes it down a notch & brings you some of our favourite tracks to chill to.
      This ones for you Rishi. WE ARE VIABLE!
      Words cannot explain the hurt we are feeling right now with the lack of support for our arts. Where would we be without music? There is a song out there for every emotion we are feeling, every person we love & every moment we experience; music punctuates our lives and brings unexplainable comfort in the hardest moments. Like this one.
      This playlist celebrates what we love about music. Some of the best artists NEW tracks released in the shitstorm that is 2020.
      Bringing us hope, escapism and joy.
      Let the music play
      As the nights draw in & the evenings get colder we're embracing the changing season with our 'Darker Days' playlist.
      Don your cosiest hoodie, grab a pumpkin spiced latte, pop your headphones on & take a stroll through the crisp Autumn leaves.
      darker days playlist
      Brought to you by Tom from Campfire Social our August playlist pays homage to Holidays.
      During the most popular month to travel we're now adapting to 'staycations' over vacations.
      Enjoy some of the best new music and some of Campfire Social's favourite tracks for a 'Holiday at Home'
      Click to hear August ~ Holiday at Home
      August Playlist
      It's the height of summer & all we want right now is good vibes, sunshine & a cocktail or two!
      This playlist is a perfect mix of classic summer tracks from your childhood plus a few newbies for good measure!
      So, pull up your deckchair, grab a mojito, pop your sunnies on & ENJOY!
      Summer Playlist
      This playlist follows what has really been going on this month...
      “No Justice, No Peace”
      The BLM movement has been pushed into the spotlight following more disturbing events. How this can STILL be happening is absolutely heartbreaking.
      So, to everyone out there fighting the good fight, keep strong, keep going, keep educating, keep learning & be better.
      Change is happening and we mustn’t let it stop.
      Click here for ways you can support BlackLivesMatter
      Click to hear June Songs for Change
      Protest songs
      It’s another ‘should have been’ playlist this month sorry! Although we’re no sorry about the content!!!
      So we should have been spending early May at our favourite INTERNATIONAL NEW MUSIC festival Focus WALES.
      It’s been re-scheduled for October so until then we’ll just have to enjoy this playlist!
      If you follow us on Instagram then you may have seen our stories asking you guys to create your very own playlist!
      This month we should’ve been sharing our ‘Road Trip’ playlist with you however we unfortunately won’t be taking any in the near future.
      So we asked YOU for your favourite Road Trip tracks and we’ve popped them all into a sweet playlist to listen to in your garden 🙈
      Well, what can we say???...
      Shits just got REAL!
      Jokes aside we hope you are all staying safe, looking out for one another & NOT hoarding loo roll!!!
      Here’s a playlist we made together with Campfire Social to see you guys through the grimmest of times.
      Click to hear Isolation Station
      So, we're heading out to Austin Texas this month for SXSW the biggest international film & music industry festival!
      Given that we're going with Campfire Social representing FOCUS Wales along with some other amazing artists we though we'd base our playlist around some of the bands we're heading out with and some we're really excited to see!
      This month we've teamed up with our favourite music venue Telfords Warehouse to create a playlist packed with musical gems from the artists they have appearing over the next couple of months
      Click here to check it out...
      Here's what we're listening to this dark & dreary January...